Terms and Conditions

Your place will be confirmed after we receive your sign-up form and your deposit has been paid as detailed in the confirmation email generated by submitting the sign-up form.

A deposit of £20 is required to confirm the places of all of the children you sign up. To clarify, we do not require £20 per child but we require £20 overall for all the children you sign up.

3a. If you wish to cancel the booking you must notify us immediately in writing. Until written confirmation is received we will continue to hold your place. All cancellations will be acknowledged by email. Cancellations will incur the following charges on the total booking value and deposits will not be refunded:
• More than 1 day before the Adventure Camp starts: £0 (deposit will not be refunded)
• 1 day before, on or after the Adventure Camp starts: 100% of the total price.
3b. If cancellation is due to illness a full refund may be given subject to the illness being medically certified and the illness not being a pre-existing condition. Cancellation charges in section 3a do not apply to medical cancellations.

Our customer protection plan is designed to give you maximum reassurance and peace of mind with its comprehensive range of protection. It covers all sports and activities on the Adventure Camp and provides:
• Money back guarantee. If your child does not settle on the Adventure Camp after the first day, despite the best endeavours of parents and the Adventure Camp instructors, we will offer a full refund.
• Insurance cover for all activities organised by North East Adventure Camps will be insured through Park Insurance.

Responsibility for the details of bookings and for payments lies with the person making the initial booking.
We reserve the right to decline any booking or exclude any child at any time prior to or during the activity if in our reasonable opinion the behaviour of the child is disruptive, dangerous or incompatible (whether as a result of any illness, disability, social behavioural problem(s) or otherwise) with the general enjoyment of other participants.
The rules will be clearly explained to the children at the beginning of the Adventure Camp and are in place to ensure the health and safety of all attending. North East Adventure Camps will not be held liable for any resulting injury if a child ignores these rules or any other specific instructions of the instructors. For example, leaving their group, climbing on equipment, climbing trees, or going into Out of Bounds areas.
We reserve the right to reclaim costs incurred for any damage caused by your child/ren to any property and buildings.
You must inform us of all serious or chronic illnesses that required medical attention during the last six months relating to your child.

All accounts must be fully paid before we can accept a child on an Adventure Camp. This means that you must pay for the child before the adventure camp begins, whether at drop-off or in advance. Payment can made through BACS, online banking, cheque, or in cash.

All of your child’s personal property is your own responsibility, unless loss or damage is proven to be due to the negligence of North East Adventure Camps. If anything is missing when your child/ren leaves the Adventure Camp please let the Camp leader know about it right away as there may still be time to find it before the Adventure Camp closes down. Expensive and treasured items such as jewellery, mobile phones, designer clothes/shoes, etc., should not be brought to the Adventure Camp as they are often unnecessary and inappropriate on these types of activities.

The timetables for certain activities are subject to alteration in the event of wet weather conditions, or other factors which are beyond our control. In the event sessions are cancelled due to safety reasons, or factors beyond our control, we will refund fees paid but will not be liable for any additional costs such as replacement childcare or travel. North East Adventure Camps may also cancel a camp if fewer than eight children sign up. If this is the case, we will inform you at least a week in advance and refund any fees paid. However we will not be liable for any additional costs such as replacement childcare or travel.

Arrangements are occasionally subject to change. Should this be necessary for any reason, we will inform you at the earliest opportunity.

We accept responsibility for personal injury and for loss and damage generally, but only if caused by the proven negligence of North East Adventure Camps or its instructors. We do not accept responsibility for events which are outside of our direct control. These include (but not exclusively) force majeure events such as strikes, bad weather, war, etc.

In the unlikely event that a child experiences a problem or difficulty while on the Adventure Camp, the matter should be reported immediately to the Adventure Camp leader.

(a) The copyright of all photographs appearing on our website belongs to North East Adventure Camps. No reproduction may be made without prior permission from North East Adventure Camps.
(b) Please inform North East Adventure Camps if you do not want your child’s photograph taken whilst attending an Adventure Camp. Your child’s photograph may be used in future marketing material.

Use of mobile phones/electronic equipment for taking photographs and video footage is not permitted.

This website is the responsibility of North East Adventure Camps. The details are published in good faith as of April 2016.